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Clients' Feedback

"I would definitely recommend Valeria! I've tried many diets, and none ever worked. Valeria didn't give me a diet plan, she taught me how to improve my eating habits and have balance, with lifestyle tips too. She listened to me without judgement, and she very clearly answered all my questions. I feel much better now, I have more energy and I have lost some weight too."

 - Janie

I used to feel tired and to crave sweet foods all the time. Valeria carefully listened to me and answered all my questions about nutrition. She gave me tailored advice to help me improve my eating habits and lifestyle. I feel more energised now!

- Veronika

"I am very happy, because I feel better. I have a busy schedule and I’ve got kids too, so I don’t have much time to prepare food. But thanks to Valerie I learnt how to better cope with stressful times, to have and maintain a healthy and intuitive diet. No magic or strict diet, she kept it real."

- Charlotte

"Valeria is a very professional and friendly nutritionist, who listened to us without judging our eating habits. That was her starting point to discuss and to make tailored changes. We found her approach very helpful to learn more healthy eating and to improve our eating habits in a realistic way."

- Alessia e Riccardo

"Definitely a positive experience. During the online meetings Valeria asked me specific questions (always with great discretion) to understand my lifestyle habits (food preferences, eating habits, sport, supplements/medicines) in order to provide me with specific and personalised advice. From the moment I started making some changes to my diet, following her advice,

I noticed a real benefit."

- Stefania

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